Today, it is impossible to deny the importance of video for promoting a brand or product. Video helps you establish an emotional connection with your audience, which makes your content more valuable and helps increase organic traffic and conversions. And this is extremely important for any company. Obviously, you could employ a corporate video production company. But what if you want to make videos? Modern technologies allow you to use ready-made videos or create content using neural networks. But is it worth doing? Let’s figure it out.

Importance of Video

In the modern world, capturing your audience’s attention can be difficult. An overabundance of information forces people to carefully filter content. Therefore, it is essential for companies to choose the right product presentation formats. Here are four reasons why entrepreneurs should pay attention to video content.

Attracting Attention

Over the past ten years, the popularity of social networks has grown significantly. Multimedia content helps you stand out on a small smartphone screen among thousands of posts: bright photos and videos.

At the same time, the content and design of the video play an equally important role. Videos produce effective results if they contain relevant and interesting information. The Internet is full of video content, so it is necessary to take into account individual user preferences and analyze the number of views to gain a competitive advantage.

Simplifies the Presentation of Information

Internet users prefer video, and the main reason is simplicity and convenience. This is also why film adaptations of books are so popular: video conveys information more effectively. A video of a chef is easier to understand than a written recipe for a cake. Therefore, where possible, you should show rather than tell. This way, you will win user sympathy and not lose potential customers. In addition, visitors willingly share helpful guides on social networks, which increases the number of mentions and the brand’s popularity.

Introduces the Audience to the Brand and Manufacturer

Viewers are unlikely to remember an author unless they have read many of his articles or books. Video allows you to increase recognition of the author, manufacturer, or brand. Users remember attractive manners of speech and behaviour, increasing purchases, subscriptions, clicks, and reposts on social networks.

Increasing Conversion

Video content evokes much more feelings and emotions than text. The user is more likely to be moved when watching a video than when reading a story. And observing a cooking show even engages your taste buds. At the same time, text content is scanned in most cases. As a result, the number of clicks on links in the text is much lower. The video format produces more effective results.

Stock Footage or Original Videos

Of course, your site should contain original content prepared for special occasions. It would seem that you should refuse to use AI capabilities or stock files. But it’s not that simple. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of utilizing different types of content.

Advantages of Original Content

Using your own videos is necessary in two cases:

  • You must show a unique, recognizable product with special features.
  • The character in the video is the first person in the company.

Such footage should be the highlight of your content because it forms your unique image and helps increase brand awareness. However, the production of each such video requires significant costs, so if you have a limited budget, you can use a strategy that involves the partial use of third-party resources. Focus on creating a few high-quality, unique clips where it counts. Peripheral content can be made using video stocks and AI tools.

Advantages of Stock Clips

Obviously, the main advantage of stock videos is the reduction in financial and time costs. However, the overall quality of your project will not be affected if you use these videos in the following situations:

  • Footage with standard everyday and life situations – a happy family sitting at the table, people playing sports, working, using gadgets, furnishing an apartment with new furniture, etc.
  • Stories depicting technological processes without reference to the company’s branding – tailoring, making handmade soap or candles, creating confectionery, and much more.
  • Videos with universal situations that symbolize something – for example, a handshake as a symbol of trust and cooperation.
  • Videos filmed from hard-to-reach locations – space, aviation, extreme and other topics.
  • Scenes with panoramas of other countries and cities taken in different parts of the planet.
  • Frames with products similar to items from the company’s range.

From all the variety of content on video stocks, it is quite possible to find elements that will be useful in design and promotion. Suitable personnel are used on different platforms: on the official website and on the company blog, on social networks, email newsletters, and messengers. They are also added to advertisements and banners and used in advertising campaigns.

Optimal Strategy

Video content is very popular all over the world. It is used on company websites, in business accounts on social networks, in advertising, and in presentations. This is an excellent tool for visualizing the necessary meanings and promoting a brand. It helps increase audience engagement, loyalty, and trust, helps increase conversion and reach, and can cause a viral spread effect.

However, video production is an expensive pleasure. But if you have a limited budget, this is not a reason to refuse this format.

So, both solutions have their pros and cons. And the answer, as always, lies in the middle. Introducing elements and frames from stock videos will reduce the cost of production but will not affect its quality. Modern neural networks can help with installation and processing. However, you should not wholly delegate content creation to them.


Video marketing is a critical element of an effective e-commerce project development strategy. It is used by 80% of well-known companies. Some people ignore the video, citing the fact that its production is quite expensive. In fact, it is not necessary to invest hundreds of thousands of rubles in filming. Those who do not have such an opportunity can download videos with the frames needed on free stocks.