Are you the owner of a Magento Website? Then you must already know how important it is to stay ahead of your competitors. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the best way for long term success of your online business. But how can you improve your SEO? This quick article cover several different methods that ensure your website ranks higher than ever.

Quick loading times

The first way to improve your website ranking is by looking at the loading times of your Magento website. Are the loading times relatively slow? Then there is a high chance that your online business will not be doing well when it comes to search rankings, which we want to avoid. Make sure to improve loading times as much as possible to have quick loading times of every page on your website. Magento websites need a great hosting platform, we work closely with

An optimised structure of your website

The second way that will aid your website’s SEO performance is by optimising the structure of the website. Many Magento websites have terrible structures when it comes to their landing pages or product category pages. This results in people losing interest in your website. Google recognises this and punishes pages that aren’t friendly towards customers. It is therefore important to have an expert on this matter take a look at what can be done to maximise retention and ultimately increase your search engine ranking. Our team of nerds would love to assist with this to ensure your user experience is perfect for your customers.

Keyword research

The third method that is extremely useful when it comes to SEO, is keyword research. This entails doing research with handy tools on what types of keywords have the most search volume and relevance towards your Magento website. It is also important to take a look at how competitive some keywords are. If a keyword is too competitive, it is wiser to put your resources towards other keywords. The result of this endeavour? A Magento website that gains more traction than ever before!


If you have been working on your Magento website for a while, you must already know of link building. But what backlinks are the best ones to have guest posts on or purchase a blog post on? These backlinks must be placed on websites that have a decent amount of traffic. They also must be relevant towards the keyword you incorporate in the guest post. The difference between an amateur linkbuilder and an expert is choosing the right websites to publish backlinks on, with quality content that will benefit the user.

Focusing on mobile devices

Finally, it is crucial to focus on mobile device visitors. Most visitors nowadays come through their mobile device, meaning that you will need to have a webpage that is welcoming for them instead of a desktop version. Google will reward you with a better search ranking if you do this well.