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We recognise the influence of great graphic design on customers’ perceptions and interactions with your brand, offering expertise in creating captivating designs from flyers to logos. Impactful graphic designs that enhance your brand’s image and engagement.


London Graphic Designers at Your Disposal

Tackling tough challenges with creative thinking and strategic use of colour, typography, imagery, and spacing.

The quality of our work is directly related to our ability to listen and grasp your values. Our goal as a graphic design agency is to create stunning visuals that communicate your message and represent your unique brand identity. We prioritise understanding your brand and what you want thoroughly, but more importantly, we help identify what you need.


Excellent Focus, Brilliant Execution

Nautilus is a full-service marketing agency based in the heart of the West End in London, providing graphic design services to businesses across the UK & around the globe. As a full-service graphic design agency, we produce exceptional work as a result of a collaborative process that allows us to get closer to our clients and their businesses. The graphics design nerds at Nautilus Marketing will find out what you want and what you need, which will help create an effective strategy that will translate your needs into creative solutions. From branding marketing materials to sophisticated digital content and eye-catching ads – we’re the top London graphic design agency for you as we’ll work with you to determine how best to talk to your audience through design.


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Consistent & Creative Design Solutions

The Nautilus Marketing team will help you create visually stunning branding to ensure all your marketing content maintains consistency, meaning and clarity. Whether it’s logos, infographics, web design, business cards and brochures, or print ads, we can handle all aspects of your business that may need design assistance. Using visual elements that are creative and engaging, our designers can help to elevate your brand’s value. Every aspect of the graphic design journey will help toward the process of improving and developing your business and its long-term goals.


A Graphic Design Studio Tailored to Your Business

Creating graphics is all about visual tone of voice and supporting your brand’s existing communication through visual design. We can assist you with as little or as much of your graphics design strategy as you may need. In the past, our team of nerds has provided assistance with complete re-branding and taken on existing campaigns and have even built new websites for customers who wished to retain their existing logos and imagery. We can work alongside whatever your graphics design requirements may be. Our team will review the status of your current digital presence and advise on how to engage viewers and increase sales. With simple, compelling visuals supporting your sales and growth goals, we can create long-lasting success for your brand. Before you know it, our graphic design studio will be providing you with exceptional content and results.


We Can Develop Bespoke Graphics Design For


Professional and engaging brochures that effectively communicate your brand's message to your target audience.


Distinctive logos that encapsulate your brand's identity, fostering instant recognition and leaving a memorable impression.


Comprehensive branding strategies that unify your brand's identity, values, and messaging, ensuring consistency across all platforms.


Graphic design for websites that enhance user experience, and visual appeal and effectively convey your brand's message.

Social Media Posts

Graphics for social media posts that capture attention drive engagement and effectively communicate your brand's message.


Insightful reports with visually appealing graphics, simplifying complex data to convey key insights effectively and engagingly.


Eye-catching flyers that succinctly convey your message, capturing attention and promoting engagement with your target audience.


Impactful packaging that enhances product visibility communicates brand values and captivates consumers at the point of purchase.


Standout stands for trade shows or conferences that effectively showcase your brand, engage attendees, and leave a lasting impression.


Nautilus Graphics Design Process

One key aspect of our design process is listening. Attentive listening to our clients and truly understanding their requirements is the key to providing exceptional results. We always listen and try to understand what it is they want to achieve with their visual identity.

We can then determine what the design should accomplish and say to its audiences. A thorough analysis of the current imagery and branding also takes place so we can discuss together whether a complete re-branding is necessary or whether some of your current graphics design aspects need improving.

Whether it is a complete re-brand or some minor improvements, we take our work very seriously as they are all equally as important. As the final results will stand out as your company’s visual calling card for years to come, we need to go above and beyond your expectations. We utilise the talents of our graphic designers to design a brand identity for your business that is stunning, unique, and powerful.


Our Process

Here is a run-down of some of the critical steps we take with any of our graphics design projects.

Identifying The Goal

As a company, we focus on understanding and meeting the needs of each client. Our designers work closely with clients to evaluate their overall goals, purpose and aspired appearance.

At this stage, it is vital that we find out what tools we already have and any information that can help us so that we can begin working to reach the ultimate goal. For example, some questions expected from us will be whether we need to create a brand from scratch or do we have some available features such as a corporate colour palette or an existing logo. We also need to find out the purpose of the project, where and how you wish to use the design material – whether it is through digital or traditional media. Once this information is outlined and understood, then our team of nerds can begin creating.

Creativity As Our Driving Force

Once the purpose and goals of your design have been identified, our designers undertake rigorous research and use the latest software tools and design tools to deliver a bespoke result that reflects your brand and its values. We always aim to produce images and graphics of the highest quality for every client. Our design team is experienced in creating engaging web pages, brochures, and infographics for clients. From brand identity to infographics, our graphic designers deliver solutions that are a standout.

Our team of highly skilled graphic designers can create a stunning, unique and powerful brand identity for your company – and one that will help you connect with customers.

Taking a Closer Look at The Designs

Every step of the way, we encourage our clients to provide feedback, and we often find that the work we produce is accurate and right the first time around because we conduct in-depth research and use extensive planning. Nevertheless, we recognise that sometimes changes and edits will need to be made, and so we allocate a substantial amount of time to the proofing stage of each project plan, so you have time to review the work we have created.

The team at Nautilus is dedicated to helping you realise your vision for all your digital and traditional media platforms. We will support you throughout the entire process, from the planning and preparation stages to production and design, up to and including the final proofs and sign-off.

Final Stage – Delivering Exceptional Results

Signing off on designs is when your brand’s visual identity becomes the product of our creativity. After completion of the project, assets such as brochures or business cards might need to be printed, or we will be able to upload the work for you to use on your digital platforms. We can find a format that works best for you, from PDF’s, vectors or ai.

Whatever the end result you may need, we are here to make every step as easy as possible for you. You can be involved in every stage of the process, or you can count on us to take care of everything while you sit back and focus on other priorities. Innovative, cutting-edge solutions are a guarantee of our team’s tactical thinking and systematic approach as we base our work on attentiveness and producing high-quality graphics design – consistently.

Our Nerds Are Ready to Help You

You may feel intimidated by the world of digital; that’s why we’re here to assist; don’t hesitate to call or drop us an email so we can set up a meeting or have a call to talk about your project. Nauti Nerds don’t take shortcuts; we take pride in our work and work with you to create a product that fulfils your vision. Each and every one of our clients is a client for life, not just for this project.

As an agency, we strive to stand out from the rest by looking after our clients – so let us take care of your graphic design needs by getting in touch.

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