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We see a lot of digital community agencies promising social media management to their clients when all they do revolves around scheduling posts online. At Nautilus Marketing, we didn’t like that. That’s why we created a service that is dedicated to keeping your community alive and engaged all the way.

No Hassle Social Media Community Management

According to Hubspot, the average UK business spends over 6 hours managing social media communities every week. Even then, this is not enough to capture all queries and comments on time. That’s where we believe our specialist community nerds can alleviate the burden on your team.

With our expertise, we handle everything from responding to messages and managing comments. We’ve got analysts and writers onboard, so we make sure we not only stay loyal to your brand’s voice but also track how our responses perform. This means that your brand remains engaged and active without adding unnecessary stress to your internal resources.

Professional Social Media Community Management Services

Our people are key to the results we deliver. We spend time researching and understanding your community and your brand, so we help you manage and grow it. When you reach out to one of our community experts, we can help you build more intentional and meaningful community interactions to:

  • Enhance brand loyalty
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase engagement
  • Manage your reputation
  • Scale up your community

What is Community Management?

Managing a social media community involves actively engaging with the audience on the relevant social media platforms. It goes beyond simply posting content. Social media management services for communities are specifically designed around creating and nurturing engagement with your audience. So, as an agency, we prioritise responding to messages, moderating comments, and fostering real interactions with your followers and target audience by engaging with their content.

Every business that tries to maintain a strong online presence on social media can benefit from community and engagement management services. Your social media community is all about building relationships with existing and potential customers, so you want to be in a position to address queries as they arise. Your social media community can play an important role when it comes to brand loyalty, revenue generation, and acquiring new customers.

Besides, social media can also help and boost your SEO efforts, so it makes sense to look after your SM communities.

Do I Need Social Media Community Management Services?

Overwhelmed by engagement

If your team struggles to keep up with the influx of messages, comments, and interactions on social media, it’s a clear sign that you need one of our nerds by your side.

Declining engagement

We can manage your community and help resolve issues with low engagement such as a drop in likes, comments, and shares, or even no engagement at all.

Lack of consistency

Inconsistent posting, delayed responses, or neglecting community engagement are obvious signs your community needs a helpful hand.

Handling negative feedback

Not everybody likes your brand, but when negative feedback destroys your reputation, this could be your sign to get a community manager onboard who can help mitigate damage.

Growing audience

Your community has grown too much for the time you can dedicate to managing it.

Inefficient resource allocation

If your team spends too much time on social media management on top of their other tasks, this means they don’t have enough time for other activities. That’s where we come in.

Getting Started With a Community Management Agency

We offer fully professional and customised management services to your community. We know that not two businesses have the same social media needs and that is why we work closely with each of our client to define the right approach for their unique community.

Our services can include:

  • Helping you stay organised with comments and DMs
  • Answering FAQs
  • Responding to messages in the tone of voice of your brand
  • Maintaining engagement within your community

We can also help you strategically grow your social media presence as part of an additional service offer. The bottom line: There’s not such thing as one type of management service for social media communities! That’s why we await your call with impatience so we can help you build something completely unique to your brand.

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A community is built on interactions. Let us make our first interaction together the one that will kickstart your social media community engagement!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    View our FAQs below! If you don't find what you're looking for, drop us a line.

    01.What sets Nautilus Marketing's approach to community management apart from others in the industry?

    At Nautilus Marketing, we’re not like other agencies. We pride ourselves on being nerds who bring a unique perspective on managing social media communities.

    While many agencies focus solely on content planning and publishing, we go deep into managing communities by reaching out to your audience. Our team doesn’t just post content; we actively engage with your audience. But, more importantly, we know the ins and outs of data analysis, so we don’t just manage your community. We monitor all conversations and engagement to let you know what works and what doesn’t. We help you build meaningful and long-lasting connections with your customers.

    02.How does Nautilus Marketing ensure that my brand's social media presence remains authentic and aligned with its identity?

    At Nautilus Marketing, we work hand-in-hand with you. We believe it takes a comprehensive approach to build and manage a community. That’s why we start by understanding your brand’s social identity and the culture you want to resonate with. So, we can make sure that we
    keep these interactions alive by responding to your customers in your brand’s tone of voice and according to your values and goals.

    03.Can Nautilus Marketing help my brand navigate through the complexities of social media and effectively manage online interactions?

    Absolutely! Our team at Nautilus Marketing has the skills and experience to navigate the complex and confusing world of social media on your behalf. We get it: creating content for your social media platforms is one thing, but keeping track of interactions is another.

    Did you know that no matter how much content you create, if you never have time to engage with your audience, this is a waste of time and effort? We manage the interactions for you, so your social media presence can go further.

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