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In today’s highly competitive market, website design services are essential. The aesthetics and user experience of your website can directly influence your success by determining whether or not someone clicks off your site straight away or decides to stay on it. At Nautilus, our bespoke Wix Web Design Services are always tailored to suit the needs of each client. When it comes to improving an existing website function or developing a brand new site design, we combine creativity with technological expertise to provide you with the best results.


Wix Web Design Agency

As a digital marketing agency specialising in Wix Website Design, with substantial experience across an array of industries, we are the ideal choice for anyone wishing to increase revenue, generate leads, and improve online visibility. We provide user-centric experiences that focus on understanding both brand and customer need to drive brand performance.


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What is Wix?

The website builder Wix allows you to create incredibly customised websites. It’s one of the most user-friendly CMS programs on the market and can be used by experts and novices alike. Wix was established in 2006 and became a worldwide leader in its field after just a few years. The software helps small business owners capture leads, build relationships with customers, integrate payment gateways, and grow their business organically.

The Main Features of Wix:

Cloud Platform

With Wix, users can visit their website from any device, such as computer, mobile and tablet, at any time and from any browser.

Wix Templates

With hundreds of templates to choose from, Wix gives your website a professional, customised appearance to meet the needs and characteristics of each business.

Easy to Use

Wix offers a simple and intuitive editor that allows you to create different parts of a website using the ‘drag and drop’ system – meaning there’s no need to write any code (HTML, CSS or JavaScript, for example).


You can build a range of different types of sites with Wix, from corporate sites to online shops where you can sell products.

Hosting Included

By registering on Wix, you’ll gain storage space to host your new website.

Why Choose Wix Website Design?

Currently, Wix has over 200 million users on its platform across 190 countries, and these numbers are growing each year. The popularity of Wix is mainly due to its ease of use as back in the day, you needed coding skills to create a professional-looking site. In contrast, now, with the help of easy to use platforms such as Wix, anyone is able to operate through it with an easy and simple Wix Website Design. It empowers users to manage their online businesses through a holistic platform that creates responsive websites that are also mobile-friendly.

Through Wix services, you’ll have access to thousands of image galleries from which to choose images for inclusion on your website without incurring any copyright issues. Plus, it comes with its own image editor, so you can modify, improve, and adapt the images to fit your website in a customised and appropriate way. Our Nautilus team can offer excellent Wix website design to make your website stand out and attract more customers for your business.

Wix Partner

With Wix’s Partnership Programme, we can offer our clients a dedicated team of professionals, resources and skills to help them create digital products, such as Wix website design, solely using Wix technology. By offering the Wix website design to our clients, we offer an attractive and cost-effective alternative to the conventional web development process.

The technology behind Wix is simple, but this enables us to offer quick and efficient results to our clients and provide them with a platform that they can understand which is why we are so proud to be a Wix Partner. Our Wix partner status allows us to receive outstanding support, meaning we can deliver even better services to clients. We are always looking for ways to implement technology into our everyday business practices and love working with technologies such as Wix.

What Type of Business Website Is Suitable for Wix Technology?

It is easy for any small business to create an online presence using Wix. There are hundreds of templates designed for shops, service businesses, art and craft websites, photography portfolios, restaurants, and many more. Even if the template you look for doesn’t fit your needs, you can always modify it or use an app in Wix’s App Market to put your own spin on your Wix website design.

Wix website design is typically used by creative professionals and entrepreneurs who want a beautiful website up quickly, and less time spent on security updates. Even though Wix is a platform that might not be as flexible as other web development platforms, for example, WordPress, Wix requires less maintenance and therefore can be more appealing in that aspect of web development.

Designing the interior of your house is a great example to compare what the Wix website design process will be like for you. It is as if you leased a house, which can be compared to your website template and filled it with all of the things you need in the style that is suited to you. Someone else handles all the behind the things aspects such as structural issues, maintenance, utilities, all the monotonous matters.

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The best thing about building a website with Wix is that it will take care of all the back-ups, security checks, and updates for you. Another great feature from Wix is something called Site History, which allows you to restore your website with a single click to a previous version if you make a mistake like while deleting a photo you forgot you had.

Wix is the best package for small websites, which is perfect for local businesses, restaurants, hotels, creatives, tiny online stores, and so on. If your site has less than 30 pages, you need it fast, and you need it to look amazing, Wix is an excellent choice.


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