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Matthew Storey is a distinguished special education law firm in based San Diego that represents families of children with special education needs. Their mission is to ensure that children, regardless of their unique requirements, have advocacy and equal footing in their education. What sets them apart is that their founder, and numerous of the firm’s attorneys, have had personal first-hand experiences with the shortcomings of the special education system, resulting in advocacy infused with experience and empathy.

Name : Matthew Storey
Industry : Legal Services
Skills : SEO
Country : USA
Url : calsped.com

Before and after analysis

We’ve worked with them over the last 2 years to increase their online visibility and ensure their special education attorneys and services are readily accessible to families in San Diego facing educational challenges. Through our targeted digital marketing strategies, there’s been an effective elevation in visibility for Matthew Storey, with a surge of 89.66% in organic search clicks and showing the tangible improvement in online engagement and interest. Furthermore, the goal conversion rate has increased by a notable 16% solely through organic clicks.

As our collaboration continues, we aim to further amplify their impact in the San Diego community by combining our digital expertise and aligning it with Matthew Storey’s mission. Ensuring every child can thrive academically and beyond.


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