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A tidy home is a happy mind; an ethos that A Tidy Mind is based upon. It’s universal that we all sometimes need a professional organiser to come into our lives and finally get us to throw out those old letters that have been piling up on the dining room table, or help us to let go of the miscellaneous cables inhabiting the junk drawer in the kitchen. A Tidy Mind brings in a productivity coach for individuals seeking order and tranquillity in their homes, workspaces, and lives.

Name : A Tidy Mind
Industry : Home Improvement
Skills : SEO
Country : UK
Url : www.atidymind.co.uk

Before and after analysis

Through our collaboration with the London based decluttering service over the last four years, we’ve witnessed remarkable growth, such as a 40%+ increase of all time in their Organic Search Clicks, as a result of our strategic approach has led to all their target keywords being on the first page in the UK, ensuring maximum exposure to potential clients.

A testament to our ability to position clients has yielded tangible results in the form of goal conversion rates, with a notable increase of 41.64% with just organic clicks for them too, continuing on the positive trend! The power of organic search cannot be understated, as we’ve not only expanded their reach, but also enhanced their ability to connect with individuals seeking a professional decluttering service.


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