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Be Inspired is a sanctuary of heart-warming stories designed to uplift, inspire, and interrupt the often bleak landscape of mainstream news media. Incessant doom scrolling is detrimental for the mind, so it is important to learn how to see the good in everything, and try not to focus solely on the doom-and-gloom.

Name : Be Inspired
Industry : Blog
Skills : SEO
Country : USA, UK
Url : beinspired.global

Before and after analysis

Be Inspired endeavours to balance out your media consumption by shifting the focus towards the lighter aspects of humanity and the world at large. In doing so, they shine a light on positive stories of hope, resilience and compassion that may get overshadowed by darker events. From captivating human interest stories, to inspiring animal stories, Be Inspired want to foster a more optimistic outlook on life.

Our year long partnership with Be Inspired has created significant results in bolstering their online presence and amplifying their message of positivity. Over 20 keywords are on the first page of search results in the UK, greatly boosting their reach to audiences seeking uplifting content. Moreover, organic search clicks have increased by an impressive 76.2%, indicating a growing demand for cheerier news narratives and the effectiveness of our SEO strategies to drive engagement.


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