How much does SEO cost?

How much does SEO cost

Welcome one and all to the Nautilus Marketing blog! If you know anything about us whatsoever, you’ll know that we are experts in the SEO game. It’s one of our favourite services and we love flexing our SEO muscles to help boost your online presence.

As a business, we always get asked questions relating to the ambiguities surrounding this mysterious practice. Whether it’s from an SEO client or some lovely business owner on LinkedIn who’s confused about it all, a question we get asked all the time is how much does SEO cost? Which is quite a fair question and one that can change wildly depending on who you ask.

So, while this is a tricky one to answer, we will do our best to answer it for you today, starting with what SEO actually is before jumping in with costs.

What is SEO?

SEO agencies often make out like SEO is some unknown witchcraft that only the experts understand. And while it is a highly technical field, the basics of SEO are quite simple.

Essentially, it’s how well your website ranks with the major search engines. This for the most part, means Google.

While putting it like that does make it sound pretty simple, there’s lots that goes into a well-thought out and successful SEO strategy. There are all sorts of technical antics behind the scenes, and your website needs to be set up in a way that favours the ever-changing algorithms of Google and other search engines.

The Nitty Gritty of SEO

There are lots of SEO buzzwords floating around, from H1 tags to meta descriptions and link building, so it’s definitely worth getting an SEO expert on board if you want to navigate the choppy waters of search engine optimisation.

One of the most important aspects of the practice, however, is keywords. You need a sophisticated piece of software, manned by an SEO ninja who knows how to use it, to find keywords that match your industry and business. Then, you implement them into both the back-end of your website as well as the front-end that people actually read.

This neatly brings us on to a vital aspect of SEO. As well as behind the scenes, technical work that’s involved, you also need the copy (words) on your website to be optimised for search engines. This means implementing keywords that you’ve found in the keyword research, and popping them into the on-site copy in a way that doesn’t seem forced.

Google is a clever little monkey, so understands when you’re just jamming keywords in for the fun of it. It therefore takes a bit of skill in the copywriting department to make sure your content is not only optimised for search engines, but that it reads well for your customers. There’s no point doing the hard work that comes with SEO and then having content that reads poorly, so it’s about finding that balance between the technical and creative side to really make it work.

We provide everything we’ve just mentioned and more right here at Nautilus, and even offer rolling contracts for our SEO clients. SEO is an ongoing, ever-changing process, so we don’t believe in locking you into long-term contracts, like many other businesses do.

Get in touch with the Nauti Nerds to see how we can boost your rankings with Google and find out more about our SEO shenanigans here.

SEO as Part of a Wider Digital Marketing Picture

SEO isn’t just keywords, link building and technical work in the back end of your website. It’s also about using the proper practices as part of a wider digital marketing strategy. This includes creative content marketing across different platforms, including social media, and much, much more.

Here at Nautilus, our nerds have thousands of happy clients under their belts and a track record of successfully boosting online presences. We’ve even been voted as one of the top B2B marketing agencies

Other companies tend to take your money and do little for it, but we’re passionate about providing a fantastic service for our clients and we’re obsessed with winning. This means we work hard to make sure you’re happy with the service we provide.

We also offer a free SEO audit of your website to see how to improve.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Now we’ve covered the basics, let’s move on to the million dollar question. And it’s one that’s tricky to answer because every company will charge something different for the search engine optimisation services they provide. Some will offer contracts which can go well into quadruple (or more!) figures, and others may offer their services much cheaper, but for not-so-great results.

It all depends on the level of service you want to receive. Services and costs can range from basic to very comprehensive, depending on the size of your business and the size of your website.

We really can’t speak for other agencies in terms of costs and provisions, but we can speak for ourselves…

How Much Does SEO Cost with Nautilus Marketing?

Here at Nautilus, we provide three packages for SEO, which are: the Basic, Standard, and Premium.

The Basic package comes in at £299 per month and includes 5 keywords. The Premium package is £499 per month and includes 12 keywords to implement for your business, and the Premium Package is £899 per month and includes a whopping 20 keywords.

Each of the packages is tailored to your business because every business is different, and each includes a custom campaign setup and optimisation process which involves:

  • Off page SEO
  • On page SEO (ranging from basic to advanced depending on the package you select)
  • Link building
  • Monthly reporting
  • Keyword research
  • Custom strategy
  • Competitor analysis

We also are able to provide a free SEO audit of your website before you commit to anything.

SEO is vital to the success of any company, and if you’re not spending your money on it, your competitors will be and will reap the benefits. Our rolling, 30 day contracts mean if you aren’t happy, you can move on, because we believe that SEO is an ongoing process rather than something that magically works after say, a year.

If you’re being offered a long contract elsewhere, they aren’t confident they can do the job. But we are.

Get in Touch with The Nauti Nerds

If you’d like more information on the SEO services we provide, from more deets on our rolling contracts to anything else at all, get in touch with the nerds and we’d be happy to help.

We love getting to know potential clients and talking shop about the digital marketing services we provide, and we can’t wait to hear from you. We have clients all around the UK and indeed the world so wherever you’re located, don’t hesitate to see how we can boost your online presence with our fantastic SEO services.  

Ps. have you had a listen to our podcast? There’s loads of nerdy SEO tips in there! 


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