Questions to Ask Your SEO Company

questions to ask your SEO company


By now, you have probably heard how fantastic SEO can be for you and your business, so you are now prepared to hire someone, but you are still unsure what truly makes an SEO company great.

Selecting the wrong SEO agency for your business can end up being one of the biggest mistakes you’ll ever make, as it can be very costly for you both financially and in terms of time. This is why we are coming to your rescue and have compiled some of the most critical questions to ask your SEO company to ensure that they are doing the best for you and your business:


Can I see the results from some of your other clients?

If there are no case studies to show the previous work of the SEO company, then we have a straightforward solution for you: run.

You will need someone confident in their work and someone who can prove they are experts in the game. For example, here at Nautilus, we do our own SEO and constantly improve it for even better results. We have seen impressive results for our own company, so we are 100% confident that we can do the same for your business’ website. We have statistics and real-life people to prove it – take a look at our previous case studies here.

What pricing model does your company follow?

This question will help you stray away from lock-in contracts for 6 – 12 months. If an SEO agency wants to lock you into a contract, they’re not confident in the results they can achieve for you. SEO is something you should be continually doing for your business, not just for a year.

Here at Nautilus, we have none of that nonsense. We do not have a lock-in period of any sort; we operate with monthly retainer packages, which can be found here – we only ever ask for a months’ notice if our clients decide to leave our services. We think that is the only fair way for both us as a company and the people we work with.

What is your SEO process?

From all the questions to ask your SEO company, this might be the most important one. You should be cautious if a potential SEO company is reluctant to list the work they intend to do for you. Inadequate agencies and sometimes even freelancers tend to hide what they are doing in exchange for the money you’re paying them. This is why you should always ask what the process is.  If the company you’re speaking to dodge this question, it is more than likely that they are using spammy tactics such as black hat SEO which might damage your website.  

Our motto when it comes to SEO is the reverse engineer success approach. We begin with on-page SEO & competitor research – we believe this is the best approach for SEO projects because it can be specifically tailored to the given client and their industry. It also helps us see what the competitors are doing, and this way, we can execute it even better.

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Can I rank and beat my competitors’ keywords? How long will it take to get a 1st-page ranking?

It is essential that your SEO company can target your competitors’ keywords. This will help you see results and produce a good ROI. However, no one can guarantee you the first page ranking on Google. If they do, they are lying to you.

SEO is much like a marathon and not a sprint. Here at Nautilus, we usually estimate what to expect in the first few months of working with us, but we would never guarantee first page rankings simply because it is not feasible in the first months of SEO. If you are looking for a good SEO company, they will be transparent with you, much like we are with our clients. If you are interested in working with us, make sure to have a look at our reviews on Google, Trust Pilot & Yell.

What monthly deliverables (keyword ranking, traffic) can I expect if I hire your agency?

It would help if you were sure that the SEO company you are hiring could provide you with visible results of the SEO work.

For example, the monthly custom (we don’t just click export, we take all the data and analyse it) report detailing from us will include:

  • Keyword rankings
  • Traffic overview
  • Domain authority
  • Spam score
  • Backlinks
  • Other keywords your website is ranking for
  • Bounce rate
  • Most viewed pages

What tools do you use?

Make sure your SEO company uses various tools to ensure the best results!

Some prime examples of tools used for successful SEO are SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, and Search Console.

What do you need from my side after the contract sign-up?

It would help if you always asked what is needed from your side before the service begins; this will help speed things up and help the agency learn more about your business.

We have designed an easy onboarding document with everything we need to get started, which we send over to new clients and start from there. This covers keywords, competitors, and the relevant access we need to start.

Final thoughts

If you take anything away with you after reading this blog, we hope it is the fact that SEO is a long-term investment. Results may take up to months, so you need to be patient, and anyone that promises you more than this is up to something shady. We genuinely hope that these questions to ask your SEO company will help you make the right decision for the future!


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