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For the last five years we’ve had the fun and the privilege of managing SleepPro’s Facebook channel. In brief, SleepPro is the leading name in the anti-snoring industry – basically, if you or a partner have been seeking a silent night’s sleep, you will have probably come across their brand!

Name : Sleep Pro
Industry : Medical
Skills : Website Design
Country : UK
Url : sleeppro.com

Our collaboration focused mainly on maintaining a vibrant online presence through strategic content management and engaging social media strategies, all while getting the word out there about their brand and products to their target audience.

The priority lies in brand awareness through compelling content in order to resonate with the anti-snoring device audience. This ranges from informative posts about the latest advancements in the industry to engaging stories that highlight customer testimonials and product benefits. Overall, our goal is to keep the community informed and engaged.

Our management also involves the implementation of targeted advertising campaigns that drive traffic and conversions. These campaigns work effectively to fully utilise the benefits of Facebook’s robust ad platform, ensuring the messaging is hitting the correct demographics for the SleepPro brand.

We’re excited to continue our work with SleepPro, as the business exemplifies our commitment to delivering results-driven social media management tailored to the specific needs and goals of our clients.


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