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We were approached by Auru.m for their new token launch, and the goal was to create three captivating promotional videos to highlight the benefits of their security token, an intersection of beyond blockchain technology and real world assets. These promotional videos not only had to be informative, but meet and resonate with three key markets: the UK, USA and China. Why these markets? These three are critical for Auru.m’s global outreach, and our task was to ensure the content resonated effectively with each audience.

Name : Auru.m
Industry : Investment
Skills : Video
Country : UK, USA and China

Our team took a holistic approach to this project, handling every aspect of the video production process. We started by developing a concept that would highlight the unique aspects of Auru.m’s new token while engaging viewers across different regions. To achieve this, we collaborated closely with Auru.m to understand their vision and the message they wanted to convey.

One of the significant challenges was to ensure the videos were culturally appropriate and engaging for each target market. This involved more than just translating the content; it required a deep understanding of each market’s preferences and expectations. Our translation team worked diligently to adapt the scripts, ensuring the language was not only accurate but also culturally relevant.

Next, we collaborated with talented voice-over artists who could bring the scripts to life in English, Chinese, and American accents. This step was crucial to ensure that the videos would resonate with the respective audiences and convey the intended tone and message effectively.

Our editing team then worked their magic, integrating the voice-overs with the visuals to create seamless and engaging promotional clips. The videos were designed to be versatile, suitable for various platforms, including web, social media, and other digital channels.

This project was all about creativity. Our focus was to produce content that stands out and captures the essence of Auru.m’s new token. We are proud of the final product and believe it will significantly aid Auru.m in their global launch. For a detailed look at our work and the story behind Auru.m’s new token, be sure to watch the video.


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