Abingdon Distillery

web development


URL: www.abingdondistillery.com
Industry: Spirits
Country: UK

Abingdon Distillery are experts in creating hand-crafted spirits from ethically sourced botanicals & a barrel ageing programme. They are, predictably, based in Abingdon-on-Thames and approached us wanting a refresh on their website. They were quite disappointed with the old-fashioned feel of their website and wanted an upgrade on their functionalities.

We corresponded with them on details about what they wanted in particular, and ultimately decided a brand-new WordPress eCommerce website was the best option for them.

From there on, we started working our nerdy magic and added many new features, some of which included: the ability of choosing variable products, setting up a shipping based on product weight, payment gateway to take online payments and a email newsletter integration.

Their website is now a lot easier to navigate, with a stylish look and rich content to showcase their amazing gin!


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