Having a professional-looking website is no longer a luxury but a crucial necessity.

Imagine you are meeting your partner’s parents for the very first time.

It’s important to make a great first impression, right?

Think of your website in the same way.

Your website may be the first point of interaction a customer has with your business.

It’s crucial your website makes a great first impression.

What does your existing website say about your business?

Is it making the right impression?

Or is it overdue a fresh new look?

In today’s blog post, we will be answering your most pressing question: How to Choose a Web Design Agency in 2024.

First things first…

Begin by addressing the needs of your business

Choosing the perfect web design agency for your business is more personal than it is a popularity contest over who has won the hottest new award.

But if you must know we’ve won these awards:

  • Corporate Livewire Global Awards 2022/2023
  • Corporate Livewire, Innovation & Excellence Awards 2022
  • IT Awards 2022
  • 2021 UK Enterprise Awards
  • M&A Today Global Awards 2022

Before you start scouring the web to find the perfect agency, here are some things to consider:

  • Your specific website requirements
  • The preferences of your target customers
  • The scope of your budget and project timeline

Not all websites are created the same. For example, if you are planning on selling a product you need an e-commerce site.

But if you’re a service provider who wants to include a blog on your website, WordPress is best.

Make sure the web design agency you choose can design the type of website you need.

A good web design agency will take the time to listen to you describe your customers, so your new website speaks directly to them.

It’s also important to consider your budget and when you need the website completed.

By having a good understanding of your business needs, you’ll be better equipped to choose a web design agency that effectively brings your vision to life, within your budget and deadline.

But please don’t sweat this step! A good web design agency will be available to advise you on what you need.

Now it’s time to research some web design agencies to contact

Now that you’ve completed the first step and have a better idea of the requirements for your website it’s time to check out websites of different web design agencies.

You may have already started researching web design agencies, and that’s how you’ve landed on this web page.


As you land on each website, ask yourself:

Do you get a good vibe when you look at their website?

Or is it old and outdated?

What is the user experience like? Can you easily navigate through their website?

Can you see testimonials and a portfolio of work?

(Hint: we’ve included some of ours in this blog post!)

If you answered NO to any of the above questions, chances are the web design agency isn’t the agency for you.

Now that you have gone through the research phase, the next stage is to vet the agencies.

You can do this by speaking directly to the agencies and asking them questions.

How to decide – directly contact the web design agency

Perhaps you are weighing up a few different web design agencies as you decide which one to pick.

Or perhaps you are already here because you want to work with Nautilus Marketing, you just need that nudge of assurance.

Whatever stage you are at in your decision-making, we recommend booking a FREE discovery call so you can get your questions answered.

A good web design agency, take ours, for example, will take the time to understand your business and its needs to deliver the best possible result.

We will walk you through the timeline of building your custom-made website.

Ask you some questions, and we imagine, you’ll have questions you’ll want answered too. So, we’ll take the time needed to ensure those questions are answered. No stone left unturned.

Once you’ve spoken directly to the agencies, hopefully, we’ll be one of them, it’s time to make your choice.

Now please let us address something that cannot be ignored.

Everything happens for a reason!

Of all the thousands of websites that you could have landed on, you landed on ours.

We like to believe this happened for a reason: so, we can magic happen!

And achieve fantastic results for your business with a fully optimised website.

Would you like that?

Why our clients choose Nautilus Marketing for Web Design

Many clients choose to work with us, and this is often due to:

  • Price: we are competitive
  • Timeline: we offer quick turnaround times
  • Full-Service Digital Marketing: as well as ongoing website maintenance, we offer additional digital marketing services to capture your target market.
  • Non-Corporate: our nerdy approach – did we mention we’re Nerds!?
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Friendly people: that will be open and honest.

But don’t just take our word for it!

After all, the proof is in the pudding.

Here are some lovely words our clients had to say about us:

Client Testimonials

“Couldn’t recommend this team enough! They are so quick to help, and always friendly service. They feel like part of our team! 🙂 Never have to chase them for anything, and so quick at actioning anything we send them for the website, content, updates etc.”

– Amy, Croes Howell


“We couldn’t be more thrilled with Tom and the gang from Nautilus. We have chosen them to build a new website for us, and the whole experience has been second to none. Tom and his team are super friendly, accommodating, and go above and beyond to ensure the client is completely happy! If anyone is looking to have a new website, marketing support, new business logos, or anything techy, these are the guys for you! I’d give 10 stars if I could!”

Babs, Nue Clinic



Now you should have a better idea of how to choose the right web design agency for you.

Take your first step today by booking your FREE discovery call.

Let’s see if we’re a good fit.

Book my FREE discovery call.