Facebook should be an essential part of any business setup. On your personal account you’re probably only really interested in the reactions of the people you know. However, on your business account you need to be interested in everybody, and you need to be worried about things like Facebook engagement, page traffic, conversion rate, post effectiveness and more. It really can seem a world apart from ‘regular’ Facebook.

When using Facebook, or any Social Media for business, you need to post when your fans are online. You want your fans to receive your content ‘hot off the press’ so it spends at least some time at the top of their feed (and so they get a notification to remind them that it’s there). For that to happen they need to be online already when you post. Facebook insights is a key asset here, as it will show you just when your fans are most active and when Facebook is primed for providing you with customer engagement.

People are more likely to do something if you’re pro-active and simply ask them to do it. The same rule applies with Facebook engagement. So, prompt them to leave that like, recommendation or comment, remembering that it’s not an act of desperation. It’s a reminder to your fans to do something they probably already want to do.

When employing Social Media for business purposes, all customers are equal – so you need to treat them that way. If you only respond to certain types of posts or certain people, the others will notice. We would advocate the practice of responding to everyone. Not every post needs to be a novel, but each response opens the door to yet more customer engagement with that person by beginning a conversation.

There’s nothing wrong with re-using an idea or a post if it has proven to be a success. After all, the golden rule for media has always been ‘Give the people what they want’, and if a post was successful, clearly it was what your audience wanted! You can’t do this every day of course, but it’s fine to dip into your archives and pull out a gem from the past every so often to boost your Facebook engagement!

The posts you make on Social Media for business purposes will generate more customer engagement if there is some ‘value’ to them. That value could be new knowledge of some description, a call-to-action, a joke or motivational quote to lift their spirits, or an opportunity to provide feedback (and Facebook engagement) and have their voice heard… In fact, the ‘value’ is anything that leaves your audience better off in some way after reading your post. Finally, don’t forget that customer engagement will still come your way even if you’re just the middle-man.

And there you have it! Of course we will be sending more tips your way via our blog when we can, but if you can’t wait that long, it’s not a problem. We’re happy to provide you with personalised advice anytime! Just get in touch with us via our own Facebook page! We know what we’re doing with Facebook marketing and in fact we’ve just been recognised as one of the Top Facebook Marketing agencies in London!