Until now, there is an opinion among SMM specialists that the basis of Instagram success is followers. Allegedly, only through a large base of followers, an influencer / entrepreneur can raise his page to the top and strengthen his presence. But in 2024, the rules of the game have changed markedly, and today we can confidently say that the king in modern Instagram is engagement.

This consists of several metrics that show how actively and frequently users interact with a particular user’s page. Reach, subs growth rate, user interactions affect how often your page will be recommended by algorithms. Therefore, your overall visibility and audience growth also depend on it.

But how to get user interactions and make your account thrive? In today’s post we’ll share three ways to increase comments, this is one of the most “difficult” metrics, because it is more challenging to get them than anything else. You’ll also learn about buying real Instagram comments as an additional support on the way to high engagement and reach. Keep reading!

1. Post at the right time

Choosing the best time for your publications is one factor influencing the final result in terms of statistics. That is why various studies are regularly conducted in the field of marketing to identify the golden IG time. But marketers and analysts agree on one thing: the ideal time is universal for every creator.

By focusing on the best time to post on Instagram, such as during peak user activity times, you can significantly increase your post’s visibility and boost comments.

The best time varies depending on several metrics, including your niche, current page size, and reach. That is, it is impossible to determine in advance at what time it is best to publish this or that content, in order to understand, you need to experiment.

This is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. The experiment usually lasts about a week, during which time you can find a golden time for publications and significantly increase comments. Here’s how to determine the schedule of posts: share publications every day at different times of the day, morning, afternoon and evening.

Based on the result, create your own schedule and follow it to improve engagement and increase user interactions.

2. Use third-party service

Let’s face it: none of the organic methods will give you a guaranteed result. In most cases, creators face a lot of problems before achieving a certain result, and this is normal. No one knows in advance how quickly engagement will improve and comments will increase. But there is one way that is guaranteed to bring you as many interactions as you need – buying incentives.

Incentives are like additional support for your account; you delegate certain tasks to specialists, and they take steps to solve it. In other words, if you need comments, the company’s specialists will write as many real and organic ones as you need. They are not like a series of identical comments from bots and fakes – real people will interact with your page and write different texts.

Accordingly, if you need a guarantee result here and now, or you’re considering a long-term investment in improving metrics, this option is ideal.

3. Add a call to action

Finally, don’t forget that the posts that receive the most comments are those where there is an open question  or a call for an opinion. This automatically encourages users to interact with your content. Therefore, on whatever topic you write the next post, be sure to add a question or ask for an opinion. Good luck!