As a full-service digital marketing agency that specialises in SEO, we realise the importance of quality backlinks. There are numerous agencies out there that go down the ‘spam’ backlink route. But when it comes to our digital toolkit, Nautilus always strives to think outside the box to offer better services to our clients.

Due to that very reason, we recently partnered up with WhitePress to allow us to secure top quality content distribution for our clients and our own marketing efforts.

What is WhitePress?

WhitePress allows our nerds to easily secure links across the world in various industries without back and forth communications. The platform has been built to enable our team to log in, find websites, and submit articles to websites directly within minutes.

Content Distribution is an excellent way to showcase your content and website to a targeted audience. Each website is hand-picked by the WhitePress team, and the platform even allows us to track key metrics once the articles are posted to give clients regular updates on how the articles are performing. Additionally, this ensures that only legitimate sites can be featured on the platform, ensuring there are no spammy sites.

WhitePress is a fascinating tool that every business should be utilising. We have decided to give our honest review of its functions and why we love it so much.

Here are some of the key factors we think make WhitePress awesome:

Easy To Use

The WhitePress team have made the whole process of signing up and using their platform so easy. It took us no more than 20 seconds to sign up. WhitePress offers the option of a demonstration call which walks you through the whole panel and how everything works.

Amazing Customer Service

The WhitePress team have been guiding us every step of the way and are always there to provide precise and prompt answers to any of our questions, much like the approach we like to take with our clients. Going that extra mile for your clients is vital, and we have seen that with the WhitePress team as they have sourced some links for us that were not initially on their main platform.

Hand Selected Websites

The WhitePress ensures to hand-select each website for the articles to ensure they are high quality and relevant to the content being published. This also provides that not any random site can join.

Thorough Reports

We receive a monthly report of each backlink and its performance. This is extremely useful for us as we can then give your client feedback on the performance and show some great results.

Increased SEO Performance

The WhitePress backlinks allow us to secure high domain authority on behalf of our clients, which ultimately increases their SEO performance tremendously!

Affordable Prices

The WhitePress services are affordable for every budget – there are links at various price brackets that would fit both small and big marketing budgets; therefore, you are spoilt for choice.

Increased Audience Reach

By having an article on WhitePresses’ partners’ website, we can reach a broader audience and increase new users to our own website and our clients.

Variety of Services and Websites

The main thing that WhitePress excels at is giving its clients variety when it comes to services and websites to use for your backlinks. The list of websites you can use is endless, and the industries on offer are many. On top of that, WhitePress also offers copywriting services at affordable rates in multiple languages.

Multi-User Access

There is the option of adding multiple users to your account so that your whole team can access the account – pretty cool, right? This allows for more of a collaborative approach, and everyone can be kept up to date.

Final Thoughts

These were just some of the fantastic benefits we have seen so far by using and working with WhitePress, but there are most likely even more benefits that you would find for yourself once you begin working with them.

However, some things to take note of are that if you wish to make edits to an article after it has been published and approved, you will not be able to do without a charge. Also, if you require Google analytics from the past, there is another additional charge. WhitePress provides analytics from its panel, which is a great feature that compensates for not being able to view Google analytics.

Overall, the team at WhitePress have been fantastic to work with. Our team at Nautilus is exceptionally fortunate and privileged to be using WhitePress as our Digital Toolkit, and we are already seeing such great results.