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Industry: Call Centre
Country: UK

Frontline is a modern call centre, equipped with the latest telephone answering and call handling software to ensure a seamless service to all their customers. They cater to service-oriented businesses with complex communication requirements. Their previous website was quite dated which is why they wanted a fresh, new look that would better portray them.

Our work started off by creating a brand new, modern, and mobile responsive website via WordPress. We were able to choose a theme they loved, which further helped to portray their company information efficiently. Since their old website had an abundance of information that was already utilising SEO – we had to carry out a full SEO migration strategy for them.

SEO migration, in short, includes moving all the existing content, which consists of all the text on your website, over to the new website. This is important because the text is what helps you rank high on searches, as it includes the keywords. You can find out more about this by reading our blog on ‘Why SEO Migrations Are Essential When Building a Brand New Website’ here.

Since Frontline was extremely satisfied with the work we carried out on their new website, they wanted to use two other services of ours: ongoing SEO and social media management. Currently, we are working to continuously improve the quality and quantity of traffic to Frontline’s website as well as making improvements to their online presence through Social Media channels and we are loving every second!


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