Angelic Medium

web development


Industry: Entertainment
Country: UK

Known as the Angelic Medium, Emma is an experienced, extraordinarily gifted, and grateful psychic medium. For years, she has been growing her social media presence and using it as her primary platform for booking client appointments. Emma had enough of diary management bookings, which is why she came to Nautilus as she was looking for a brand-new website that would help accelerate her business but also help with her numerous bookings.

Our solution for The Angelic Medium was a brand-new custom site in Wix – which would be easy to use for our client as well as its visitors. We made sure to utilise the Wix Booking System which lets clients book and pay for appointments or services online. The system is also great as it provides you with the tools to manage calendars, staff, attendance, and clients. This is perfect for Emma as this is exactly what she needed to stay organised.

Now she can forget about managing her diary since everything has been automated!


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