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Verify is an innovative fintech company that has developed a unique screening tool for Vendor, Origination Workflow and Customer Identification Programs.

Their solutions help customers to provide secure customer identity verification and prevent fraud with risk scoring and transaction monitoring across the lifecycle. Additionally providing KYC, KYB and AM solutions to organisations across the globe.

Name : Verify
Industry : Ecommerce
Skills : Logo Design
Country : USA

Allowing organisations to keep their most critical compliance records safe. Scaling up data governance, ensuring compliance, and saving time. Their software empowers organisations to effortlessly track, access, share and receive documents, from a centralised location. The software facilitates version management and audit trails.

We were approached by US based fintech company Verify who had an idea for a new logo. We listened and created a bespoke logo which was digitally created by our highly talented design team.

We start with a client briefing session and a blank canvas. Templates are banned as we craft eye-catching, unique logos from scratch.

Our team specialises in logo design, known as the Nauti Nerds, loves making unique logos! We have collaborated with numerous companies, new ventures, and freelancers to develop unique visual brands that distinguish them from the competition.


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