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This website project we undertook for Powered by Elevation marks an impressive turnaround from a clunky, unintuitive experience to a sleek, user-friendly WordPress interface. The previous site was shackled by a cumbersome WebFlow site, and the client was coming against numerous challenges as a result of it.

These challenges included oversized elements and a lack of coherence which turned off the majority of the visitors who attempted to use the site. Unable to decipher the company’s offerings, they were left with a bad taste in their mouth about the whole experience, and affecting their opinions of Powered by Elevation as a whole.

Name : Powered By Elevation
Industry : Energy Solutions
Skills : Website Design
Country : US
Url : www.poweredbyelevation.com

This simply wouldn’t do.

Powered by Elevation sought out Nautilus Marketing to overhaul their website and usher in a new era of clarity and efficiency for their target audience.

Through meticulous design and strategic planning, the Nauti Nerds navigated the choppy waters of redesign efforts determined to transform the site’s layout into a seamless, navigable experience. Say goodbye to the zoomed-in chaos of website history, and hello to the approachable, accessible design of today! There is a renewed focus on user experience and serves to be the clear site functioning as an overview of the company’s offerings from the moment their prospects land on the homepage.

Thanks to Nautilus Marketing’s client-centric approach, Powered by Elevation have elevated themselves to new heights and given themselves a solid foundation for future growth and success. Beyond the surface-level improvements there have been several back-end optimisations to enhance performance and functionality to create something that’s not only beautiful but is also a powerful tool to drive business growth.


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