Casula Overload Gaming

logo design


Industry: Gaming
Country: USA

Casual Overload is a client of ours who is a Gamer on YouTube! We were approached for our design services as Casual Overload never had a logo before, and our client wanted a logo design that he could stand out with and something that would distinguish his business. 

The channel’s goal is to be inviting, sharing the experience with others, and hopefully entertaining them enough to make their day a little brighter. This is something we loved about this client and is mainly something that excited us to work on this logo project. Most of the games played on the channel are city-builders. Before beginning the project, our nerds thoroughly researched the pace and nature of commentary while playing and our client’s type of games.

The client noted that he would ideally prefer a mascot style for his logo so that there is a character that the viewers can identify with. He also mentioned his love for polar bears, and who doesn’t love a polar bear? So, taking all of this into account and focusing on the polar bear comment made by our client, we were able to create the exact logo he wanted. We created a fun-loving looking polar bear for his logo, including his name, helping towards the whole branding of the page & our client as a gamer.


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