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Fursho is a burgeoning e-commerce startup, specialising in shearling lined shoes. They sought to establish a robust online presence to showcase and sell their products; it was imperative for their website to function as a seamless storefront to complete checkout for the optimal customer experience.

Name : Fursho
Industry : E-Commerce
Skills : Website Design
Country : UK
Url : fursho.com

Lucky for them, they collaborated with our Nauti Nerds at Nautilus Marketing to embark on their transformative journey to digital success! We gladly undertook the comprehensive task of developing Fursho’s e-commerce website from inception to execution. By meticulously crafting a dynamic platform on WordPress using WooCommerce, we were able to tailor to Fursho’s exact needs and brand identity to create a memorable (for the right reasons) experience for their customers and implemented engaging visuals to further captivate users, enhance their experience and drive conversions.

Furthermore, Nautilus Marketing provided invaluable expertise in copywriting, ensuring compelling and persuasive product descriptions to captivate potential customers. Integral to the success of Fursho’s online venture was the smooth integration of essential functionalities, including payment gateways, shipping options, and viable use as an email marketing tool.

This collaboration yielded favourable results, as our holistic approach to development and meticulous attention to detail, combined with Fursho’s extremely comfortable and stylish shoes, has led to a successful and robust platform with a steady stream of visitors and a wonderful user experience. The foundation has certainly been laid for sustained growth and prosperity in the competitive e-commerce landscape.


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