When picking out a domain name, try and get the best extension possible. We are certain that when searching for an extension, .com is still the best. Why? People remember .com because it’s the most common extension. If .com is taken, try, .net or .org. If none of these extensions are available, we would suggest brainstorming a new domain.

Side note, we suggest leaving those weird ones alone like, .club, .agency, .music, and so on.


Your domain should be easy to spell and read, and it shouldn’t have to make people think, your domain needs to be simplified just imagine if when you was typing in eBay there was a hyphen and number within it, a bit like… It’s definitely not the easiest thing to remember.

Your main aim and mission should be to make your domain smooth and easy to read/type.


Smaller the domain, the better, your domain name should ideally be no longer than 12 characters, our domain name ( is 12 characters exactly, and is perfect for our brand. It’s go no additions or extra words, it’s simply our brand name, and this is something you should aim for when picking out your domain.

There are just a few tips when picking your domain name, if however you get a little bit stuck, we suggest using a domain name generator, we suggest Or you can always reach out to us for some free support, you can contact us by email or social media, 24 hours a day.