Can blogging help your business?

In the early years of the world wide web, blogging was the thing to do. Everyone had a blog. In fact, most websites, and social media sites that we’ve come to know began as blogging sites (Blogger, Myspace, Pinterest, Tumblr). Social media is still enriched with blogging culture and qualities. These days, social media is where people go to share what they’re thinking. You as the reader, may not understand the significance of a blog but I’m here to tell you that blogs offer more than just surface level trivia.

For example, Blogging is a fantastic way of expressing thoughts and ideas; storing them in a place which can be catalogued, shared, and reviewed. It’s a hybrid of journalism and raw, spontaneous brainstorms. Often, blogs can be used for reflective practises which allow a better understanding of ourselves.

Personal blogging – regular, informal writing designed for publication on the web (holds enormous value).

Like most bloggers, you learn by doing it. Blogging is as much about reading other blogs as about writing your own, and the best way to understand blogging is to immerse yourself in it (Rettberg, 2014).

This medium is versatile and offers an opportunity to write every day without spending a huge amount of time on the process. Blog posts vary from short-to-long form. Most recently, Blogs have transcended into video form – presented as ‘Vlogs’ (Video-Logs) or ‘Vlogging’. Blogs are not orchestrated, planned or incredibly in-depth. For the most part, Blogs are a place of vulnerability, authenticity, and raw uncut expressions of an individual’s truth.

So How can Exposing your Imperfections, Flaws and Emotions be Beneficial for a Business?

The answer is simple. People buy from people. The fact of the matter is this: developing an honest relationship with your audience allows you to connect on a deeper level. You as an individual, or a business, becomes more relatable, more animated, and more significant. Emotional attachment to a brand is intangible and priceless. It is what gives you the competitive edge as a reliable person and/or company. The environment of Blogging is ever-changing and still considerably new.

In the modern day – Blogging also benefits the many, not the few. As previously mentioned, Blogs help establish emotional connections to a brand, or a person. Blogging has become part of the media in that they can be monetised and possess huge amounts of influence with a large following. It’s time you take advantage of this and start your own!

TLDR; Blogging is a great and honest reflective practise that exposes weaknesses. It effectively deepens relationship with the viewing audience and helps establishes trust as a brand. Blogging can be monetised and used as passive income via promotion and/or through display advertisements. Guest-blogs can boost B2B sales and provides exposure and monetary gain for the freelancer. It is cost effective and time efficient. A win, win.

Source: Rettberg, J. W. (2014) Blogging. Second Edition.


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