As a content writer, developing a robust angle for a story is imperative. Once you have it, you can build on the structure. Always start with a good headline. Followed by a compelling intro, with strong and powerful quotes or phrases, accompanied by a solid closing.

Approach blogs in the same way you would a news headline or a YouTube title. We would also recommend you treat social posts in the same way – as this can generate more impressions.

Below are 5 steps we use when creating content (blogs, articles, and social posts):


Think in headlines, i.e. if your post were in a newspaper, what would it be? For instance, ‘5 Top Tips to Create Creative Content’. Always aim for active headings, not passive. Something that will evoke curiosity or emotion. If you are struggling, your message needs to be clearer.

Make it concise and Make it catchy. Alliteration can be a fun way to achieve this.


Your intro should attract attention and sum up the main theme of your story. Make it short and snappy. Less is more effective. You may want to picture your introduction as window shop, what key things do you want the onlooker to see. Or perhaps the abstract to a research paper. Really try to dig deep and entice the viewer with good content or useful information.


If you are writing a lengthier article use quotes in the main body or create some powerful phrases to illustrate key points to be used across your marketing. Any good website will feature this technique too. However, be careful when using quotes or illustrations. Remember to reference or gain authority for licence use to avoid any copyright or plagiarism disputes.


Leave your reader wanting more. Ask an open question or drop in a final thought to ponder. Customer satisfaction is of the upmost priority to you should take the effort to answer any questions or interact with people who leave comments.


Read your draft and sense check. How does it flow? Does it take you on an interesting journey or do you feel bogged down? Is there a spot that needs fine tuning? Get into the rhythm of your writing. It makes a big difference.

Ultimately, there is no correct way. Over-time algorithms change and so do we as content creators. The best thing you can do as a content creator is to CREATE. Throw things at the wall and see what sticks. Try various forms of media and topics. Keep reading and engaging with other fellow bloggers. Build a community. Develop ideas and build upon your writing style. Monitor, evaluate and adjust.


If all this seems a bit of a headache, reach out to our nerds who will be happy to help with creating some fantastic content for your website and social media channels. If you’re a content writer reading this article and looking for your next position, our friends at Jooble post regular new and exciting vacancies!