I joined Nautilus Marketing in April 2020, I intended to migrate from Thunderbird to Office 365 one weekend during the COVID-19 crisis, to reap the collaborative benefits which Office 365 can offer to businesses in any industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic was in full swing mid-April, I made the decision to move our mail services over to O365 one evening. The process was painless & we were back up and running within the hour.

We selected a package where we could utilise all Office 365 applications on local devices, create a team SharePoint site to share resources, knowledge, documentation & backup all of our documentation into the cloud, via OneDrive.


Office 365 is a fantastic business-oriented suite which encourages collaboration for your business with ease, there’s no need to be an ‘IT Expert’ either as Office 365 is simple to learn and straightforward to use. You’re able to access your data (providing it’s on OneDrive!) & emails from any given device, no more lugging external drives around with you. Not to mention, you’re able to set your email accounts up with two-factor authentication for extra security!

Office 365 features…


OneDrive for Business is a cloud service offered by Microsoft – OneDrive allows you to store & protect your documents & data, share them out to internal and external colleagues and you’ve got the ability to access this data from anywhere, not just on one PC!


SharePoint can be used as a single secure location to store, organise, distribute & access information from any device. All you’d need is to be given access to the SharePoint site in question & have a web browser to hand, an example of a SharePoint site in action – You store information around clients in separate folders on your SharePoint site, each of these folders contain information around the specific client & can be accessed by whomever you grant access to the SharePoint site. You’re also able to synchronise the SharePoint site into your explorer for ease of access, much like OneDrive for Business!


Teams allows for quick communication privately and in groups. You can host conference calls, catch up with your team and communicate effectively using other 365 applications.  In today’s world where we can easily source talent from anywhere in the world, getting people quickly up to speed is so important. With Teams, you can quickly get new team members onboard and engaged in the teamwork – no matter where in the world they are located.

Overall Office 365 can benefit your business massively especially during these times when we are all working remotely. Let us know in the comments if you are using Office 365 for your business.