Serenity Aesthetics

web development


Industry: Cosmetic Surgery
Country: UK

Serenity Aesthetics are a cosmetic skin clinic in Leeds City Centre, offering professionally tailored non-surgical treatments & skin consultations. They are a special client to us as we were able to help them through a tough time. When they first got in touch with us, their old developer pretty much ghosted them for most of the web development project and took almost a whole year to build a new website. For reference, it usually takes us around 1 or 2 weeks maximum to complete a project such as this one.

As you can imagine, our client was left extremely frustrated & wanted a solution to her hurdle. We took over the website development and created all the necessary changes that our client was promised before. After waiting for months to hear back from their old developer, we were able to give her quick results and not long after, we went live with the new website.

We also work on ongoing SEO & copywriting for Serenity Aesthetics, and we have seen a tremendous increase in the traffic to the website since they began working with us. The client is now extremely happy that they have a web developer they can trust and an agency that can take care of other digital marketing aspects. This is a prime example of all the cowboy developers out there; instead of producing lean, well-written code, cowboy code often has errors that cause failures upon deployment or make it difficult to maintain over time.


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