Gareth Lawrence

web development


Industry: Financial
Country: UK

With Gareth Lawrence Accounting & Bookkeeping, accounting is completely reimagined. Their process and approach are so different from the traditional, boring way of handling accounts. They can take care of everything from taxes, accounts, payroll and more in a fun and jargon-free way.  They choose to work with small scale businesses with upbeat, aspirational entrepreneurs who are not just interested in building a successful business but also ethically minded and committed to doing good in the world. Gareth is unlike any other accountant out there, which is why we make such a great team, and we are happy to have worked on a project with him.

Here is what we helped him with:

Gareth approached us and explained how he was unhappy with his old website, which was built with Squarespace, as it would constantly crash, and it wasn’t what he wanted for his business.

With further analysis of his wants and needs, we decided to rebuild his website fully using WordPress. We managed to recreate a brand new website that portrayed the business in a much clearer and sophisticated way. We extended his website even more and added additional content by creating a page for each of his services, which is something the old website was lacking. The more pages the website has, the richer the content is which can also be utilised for the business’s SEO.

The layout of the website is now improved immensely compared to the old one and the content has increased and helped the overall SEO optimisation.


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